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Computing Physics

About This Course

There are hundreds of courses to introduce you to programming, maybe thousands, why another one?

This course is different, because it's motivated by things physicists find interesting. Make images simulating what a lens does? Define your own musical waveforms and listen to them? Work out a thousand digits of π, indeed, get the computer to help you discover new formulas for π, that have never been written down before? Solve the puzzle from xkcd about the infinite grid of resistors? We'll show you how to do all of these, and more. We won't teach you how to fly, but maybe it'll feel like that.  


No previous knowledge of programming is required, but a knowledge of physics and mathematics at the level needed to start university physics is expected.

A computer running any recent Windows or Mac OSX or Linux is needed. Some free software will need to be installed, but administrator privileges are not necessary.

The Team

Roland Bernet and Prasenjit Saha with Kenny Choo, Philipp Denzel, and Diem Vuong.


The cartoon at above right is by Raphael Schoen.